Welcome to PM4NGOs. We’re dedicated to advancement in the Project Management skills of individuals and organizations working in the development sector throughout the world. Our aim is to reach not just donor organizations and NGOs, but individuals on the ground who are making the difference, often against the odds and with minimal resources.
Development projects, large and small, depend on effective project management to gain maximum value from every penny donated by individuals and donor organizations. If you’re a project manager working on those projects, our mission is to help you do a more worthwhile, satisfying job.
If you’re a donor organization or NGO working in the field, our mission is to help you get the most from the project management professionals working on your projects. Our PMD Pro series of contextualised project management certifications provide a proven route to greater competence.
With trainings being conducted all over the world, and over 11,000 people having already taken our exams, we know we’re making a difference.


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  • Training for the PMD Pro qualification is provided globally by a number of partners. Click in the map on the left to locate the PMDPro training organization nearest to you.